A Message from Robin: July 2020

Robin WeinbergWomen’s Philanthropy has set the bar high on what we aspire to do because we believe in the power of women. We are changemakers. We are role models. We are caring. We take action.

Our philanthropy is our most powerful action. For those who say, “I can’t be a philanthropist; I’m not a Rockefeller.” My response is that it’s the impact of our investment that counts. It declares this is what I believe in; here is where I want my voice heard, where I want to make a difference.

We all have heard the story about Moses and the burning bush. When Moses sees that the bush is not being consumed, he draws closer to get a better look. That was the moment that God chose Moses.

I mention it because when he bore witness to the inexplicable, he did not shirk from its presence. You are no different.

As this pandemic has borne down on our community, we women have not looked away.

We have always supported those most vulnerable—and now with job loss, food insecurity, lack of medical assistance, emotional suffering, our agencies in financial distress—we have doubled down in our efforts.

Both our annual campaign and emergency fund are benefitting from your generosity. And for that we thank you.

As I finish my two-year term, I am beyond elated that my friend and travel buddy, Kerry Iris, said yes to be VP of Women’s Philanthropy. She does not shirk from anything. She works to right injustice and to help those in need. She is smart. She is creative. And she will make Women’s Philanthropy a place where your Jewish journey will flourish.

Thank you Malki, Ari, and Jessica. You have shown us that individually we have power; collectively we have impact.

Thank you everyone for being part of WP.