Changemakers Series

Changemakers Series


The Jewish Federation’s Imagine Israel Changemakers Series brings dynamic Israeli agents of change to DC to lead community conversations focused on their impact on transformative social issues in Israel. These prominent Israeli Changemakers share their unique ideas and influential actions that disrupt Israel’s status quo and effect social change in Israeli society.


Join Federation’s 2017-2018 kick-off Changemaker schedule:

November 4: Havdalah Under the Stars with Federation’s Young Leadership
November 5: ROUTES: A Day of Jewish Learning


Rabbi Esteban Gottfried is a featured speaker at ROUTES: A Day of Jewish Learning.
As Co-Founder & Director of Beit Tefilah Israeli, Rabbi Gottfried will share the story of his multi-generational and inclusive community of committed and passionate Israelis, and how prayer, song and celebration became the main weapons in the battle for the future of Judaism in Israel. .

Past Changemakers Events


Federation’s Changemakers Series with Oren Helman in May 2017

Renowned Israeli disability inclusion advocate, Oren Helman shared his legislation that is revolutionizing employment regulations for individuals with disabilities in Israel.
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Vice President at Israel’s largest government-owned electric company, Oren Helman applies his extensive experience working with Israel’s Knesset (legislative body) to his disability inclusion advocacy work. Helman was a key creator of the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Bill, a major advancement in the field of disability inclusion, passed by Knesset in August 2016. The bill requires that every public agency and organization with 100 workers or more employ individuals with substantial disabilities to at least 5% of its workforce. This law also stipulates that each such institution appoint a disability employment officer to oversee the implementation and annual reports of this regulation.

Federation’s Changemakers Series with Dr. Dalia Fadila in February 2017

Arab-Israeli educational pioneer, Dr. Dalia Fadila led an electrifying discussion on the complex cultural and political dynamic for Arabs living in Israel.
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On a mission to empower Arab-Israeli citizens and advance societal standards for women through education, Dr. Dalia Fadila is pioneering a revolutionary schooling system in Israel. She has developed an English-intensive curriculum and reoriented the Arab educational construct to impart progressive values of individuality, encouraging students to become citizens of the world.

Dr. Dalia Fadila’s Outlook on Arab-Israeli Complexities: Dr. Fadila believes Arabs in Israel haven’t yet mastered a balance of heritage. Unable to identify as Palestinian, reluctant to adapt as Israeli and observant of Islam, she says the tension from this identity crisis continues to impede their progress. “Arab-Israelis can and must strengthen themselves through integration with the Jewish majority,” the ultimate lesson this educational pioneer strives to teach at her Q schools. Having grown up as a minority herself, Dr. Fadila has grappled with her own identity clash. She confidently considers herself an Arab, Muslim, minority, Israeli woman. Her mission is to advance “a new generation of Arabs who have the right thinking tools and the right leadership tools to see themselves as part of the elite.”

Federation’s Changemakers Series with Gal Uchovsky in November 2016

Leading Israeli LGBTQ advocate, Gal Uchovsky was captivating at Federation’s inaugural Changemakers Series as he divulged his personal and professional experiences as a gay man in Israel.
View photos from our event with Gal Uchovsky.

Over the past few decades, there has been a substantial change in the visibility and portrayal of the LGBTQ community in Israeli media and Gal has been at the forefront of the movement. Recognized as “The most influential LGBT person in Israel” by the monthly gay magazine Pink Time, Uchovsky has been a vigorous advocate of gay rights in Israeli arts and culture. His dynamic work as a journalist, filmmaker and TV personality has made him a popular role model for gay youth and an instrumental leader in forming Israel’s future LGBTQ culture.