Israel and Overseas

Israel Overseas

Our Impact

promising students from disadvantaged communities in Israel participated in enrichment programs.

people attended weekly community Shabbat dinners in Cuba.

children from the former Soviet Union attended 17 Jewish high schools that
provide access to a strong Jewish education coupled with a secular education.

chronically jobless Israelis received employment assistance and training, giving them the tools and confidence to enter into the workforce.

The Story


“When our home in Donetsk was hit by a mortar shell during fighting between the government and separatist forces last year, I was rendered temporarily deaf and knew I could no longer survive
there. Now, my husband of 56 years and I are among the 2,700 Jews who have left our homes and are receiving help from Federation’s overseas partner, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). Thanks to JDC’s Hesed social welfare center network, my husband and I have been able to move to a safer place, have our basic needs met and supplement our limited resources with many essentials.”

-Raisa L.