Women’s Philanthropy: Engagement Opportunities

We offer you meaningful ways to make an impact on our Jewish community, and on your own life.

I love the women I have met, the programs I have attended and
the opportunities I have been afforded—whether traveling on a mission
or learning about our history and values.

Ora is a community of women in our 30’s and 40’s connecting through conversation and learning to help strengthen ourselves, our families and our community. Join Ora’s monthly Coffee (or Cocktails) & Conversations sessions and other events to learn about Federation’s local and overseas work, and to discuss the critical issues affecting our families and community. Together we are creating a more vibrant Jewish future.

A mission with Women’s Philanthropy is a life changing opportunity to witness and be inspired by the role we pay in supporting Jews locally and around the world. Join other members in our community for unique, immersive overseas experiences that energize, connect and inspire. Tour dazzling landmarks. Explore culture, food, art and innovation. Visit Jewish communities of the past and celebrate modern-day Jewish renewal in Europe, Israel and overseas while building community.

We offer you a close-up look at the work and initiatives our Jewish Federation does with visits to our local partner agencies. You don’t need a passport to learn about how your investment with Federation is changing the lives of others right in our own community. Spend a morning with other women and meet the changemakers in our community.

Women’s Philanthropy, in partnership with Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, invites you to learn and study with other women around contemporary issues, such as Jewish identity, partisanship, and our relationship to Israel. It’s a wonderful opportunity to discuss the current Jewish political times and to further inform our leadership and community engagement.