The Network

As a hub of business, diplomacy, and thought leadership, what happens in Washington, DC matters—on both a national and global scale. Given the Jewish community’s pivotal role in this influence, the Network provides a space for professionals to come together and exchange ideas on a myriad of important topics. Through this, we aim to emphasize the vital role that business professionals play in ensuring a strong and vibrant Jewish future.

No matter your profession, the Network is the perfect platform to meet and engage with like-minded individuals through meaningful and innovative programs, events, and leadership opportunities. Under the direction of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, the Network helps to ensure that the Jewish community will continue to thrive and propel the Greater Washington area forward.

The Network Co-Chairs
Max Sandler, Principal, Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc.
Marty Janis, CEO, Atlantic Services Group, Inc.

To learn about corporate sponsorship, or for any other questions, contact us at [email protected] or 301-230-7204.