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Tehom is an intensive fellowship for personal growth and an unparalleled leadership journey.  

A faculty of premier educators of Judaism, world religions, depth psychology, and social justice is ready to equip fellows with the foundation, insight, and toolkit to serve as catalysts of change in their own fields, in the Jewish community, and in our greater world. The fellows in our pilot cohort will engage in an experiential retreat on January 29-31, 2023, at Capital Retreat Center in Waynesboro, PA (approximately 70 miles from Washington, DC) and will reunite with the facilitators for a series of brief, monthly follow-up sessions in the DMV area. Tehom is designed for individuals and couples between their 30s – 60s.

Together, we will delve into lesser-known Jewish texts, our inner psyches, evidence-based transformational leadership frameworks, and the underlying spiritual architecture unifying these ideas. Through our storied tradition of uncovering hidden nuances, we will explore how to cultivate personal identities and communities that celebrate cooperation while healing increasing polarization. This is the knowledge our Jewish changemakers need during these tumultuous, divisive times to be able to effectively step into new leadership paradigms to build inclusive, collaborative, and mission-driven communities.

We look forward to sharing this unique, meaningful experience with you. 


Fellowship Calendar

Opening Retreat: January 29-31 at Capital Retreat Center

Monthly Learning and Processing Sessions*

Session 1: February 26, 27, or 28
Session 2: March 27, 28, or 29
Session 3: April 16, 17, or 18
Session 4: May 16, 17, or 18
Session 5: June 11, 12, or 13

Sessions 1-5 will take place once per month. Final session dates to be determined following the opening retreat.

Cost is $500 per person or $750 per couple, all inclusive of retreat and sessions. Cost should not be a barrier for participation — subsidies are available through the registration form.
Tehom is designed for individuals and couples between their 30s – 60s.

Meet the Facilitators

Maya C. Dimant Headshot
+ About Maya C. Dimant

About Maya C. Dimant

Maya is a dynamic, creative, hilarious educator-advocate-consultant who is passionate about experiential pedagogy, Judaism, criminal legal system reinvention, and civic tech. Previously, she served as a professor/director in the Prisoner and Reentry Clinic at George Washington University Law School, where she co-taught a weekly seminar on advocacy skills training and deconstructing how institutionalized white supremacy created the modern carceral state.  

Her prior work focused on providing zealous indigent criminal defense representation for more than a thousand clients and utilizing alternative dispute resolution tools in reimagining the criminal system.  

Maya has clerked at the Supreme Court of Israel, taught at non-denominational, Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox synagogues and Hillels, and has spent way more summers at Camp Ramah than is socially acceptable.  

Maya is a graduate of the double degree program between Barnard College at Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary and holds a JD and an LLM in International Human Rights from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law.  

When she is not fighting oppression or teaching, Maya can be found reading fiction, hiking, conducting kitchen experiments, creating feminist embroidery, swimming, making other people laugh, and relentlessly trying (often succeeding!) to get to the genius level on The New York Times Spelling Bee game. 

Carole Kammen Headshot
+ About Carole Kammen

About Carole Kammen

Carole is an accomplished entrepreneur, notable speaker, and highly respected educator who develops and facilitates proprietary programs that enhance and support transformational shifts in both the personal and business sectors. She has dedicated her life to helping people optimize their passion, ignite creativity, and open their hearts and minds toward achieving their life goals.  

A pioneer in bringing depth work into mainstream arenas, Carole’s own learning and discovery include practices from varying forms of meditation, intensive study of the world religions, Jungian theory, and world mythology. Her keen interest in the link between esoteric thought and current personal and organizational development theory has transformed both individuals and organizations globally.  

Carole specializes in helping organizations pair transformational leadership development with large-scale change processes. She brings this unusual blend to the general public and traditional corporate environments in highly skillful and approachable ways making her one of the leading talents in this arena.  

In 1986, Carole founded Pathways Institute, a public organization offering seminars in psychological and spiritual development. With over 41,000 graduates worldwide, the Institute continues to offer leading edge public programs.  

Carole is the co-author of Call to Connection: Bringing Sacred Tribal Values into Modern Life. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Rami Schwartzer Headshot
+ About Rami Schwartzer

About Rami Schwartzer

Rami Schwartzer is a spiritual education innovator, author, and rabbi. By applying practical spirituality to modern life, Rami bridges the divide between religious and secular thinking, integrating theology, the arts, and the science of consciousness. A frequent artistic collaborator, Rami often works with multimedia artists to help wider audiences push the boundaries of our accepted reality.

Rami writes articles on contemporary theology and Jewish law. His most recent essay, entitled “Life Cycles and Brain Cycles,” was published in April 2022 in the book A God We Can Believe In. He was the architect of the Den Collective, Ramah Day Camp Greater DC, the Ramah Israel Bike Ride and Hiking Trip, and other experiential Jewish communities.

Rami holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Columbia University, and degrees in Talmud, rabbinic literature, and scriptural interpretation, as well as rabbinic ordination, from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He is a nomad, a shepherd, and a minimalist, and has biked, hiked, and backpacked across the US, Middle East, Europe, India, and South Africa… so far. Rami primarily lives between New England and Israel.


To learn more, contact Rami Schwartzer at [email protected] or 860-712-4440.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington welcomes the participation of interfaith couples and families, and people of all abilities, backgrounds, gender identities, and sexual orientations. Building an inclusive community is a priority. If you require special accommodations to participate in Tehom, please let us know so we can make every effort to accommodate your needs.