Request for Proposals (RFP)

For initiatives that address Next Gen Engagement & the Northern Virginia Jewish Community

In September 2018, Federation released the framework for its strategic plan. Two important elements came out of the process. First, a new and exciting vision for the Greater Washington Jewish community, one we can all aspire to achieve.

An open, connected and vibrant Jewish community that cares for each other,
fosters Jewish learning and journeys, embraces  Jewish peoplehood and Israel,
and acts as a force for good in the world.

Second, the identification of three target areas for enhanced investment: Next Gen Engagement, Northern Virginia Jewish Community and Adult Learning.

To achieve this vision for our community, we will need to work collaboratively to accomplish more, maximize engagement, and have a meaningful impact. To capitalize on the unique strength, skills, and expertise of each organization, Federation committed to raising nearly a million dollars in funds specifically to invest in thinking big, dreaming big, and creating the space to truly innovate and impact our community.

At this time, Federation is requesting proposals for new initiatives and/or expansion initiatives that target two of the strategic areas highlighted in Phase I of the strategic plan: Next Gen Engagement and Northern Virginia Jewish Community (NoVA).


The objective of this RFP process is to identify transformational ideas that will encourage greater collaboration among organizations, increase engagement, and enhance community building. To do so, Federation is focusing on both increasing impact (expansion/scaling of existing initiatives) and innovation (launch of new initiatives). Federation encourages organizations to submit proposals for initiatives in one or both areas.

IMPACT GRANTS (EXPANSION/SCALING) These grants will enable strong programs to make greater impact by expanding or replicatingan already proven initiative in the community. Proposals must align with areas of focus, variables identified and impact expectations.

INNOVATION GRANTS (NEW PILOT INITIATIVES) These grants will enable organizations to pilot new programs that have never before been run in the Greater Washington Jewish community. Selected programs will fill gaps where needs are not being met within the identified areas of focus. New opportunities with both local and national partners will be accepted. Or, where appropriate, a local organization may bring a national program to the community.


  • Tax-exempt organizations or individuals affiliated with a
    fiscal sponsor
  • Must offer programs that are welcoming, inclusive and reflect
    Jewish values
  • Submit financial documentation
  • Identify on program marketing materials that “this program was
    made possible by a grant from The Jewish Federation of Greater
  • Promote appropriate programs and offerings of Federation and
    other grantees to your participants

Proposals Accepted Around the Following Themes

The following key themes and variables reflect the priority areas of focus the task force committees have selected for funding guidelines. Proposals MUST address one or more of these themes. Program collaboration across the community is strongly encouraged and will be weighted favorably in the evaluation process. All types of proposals will be accepted for consideration(ie: programming, initiatives, research and development, metrics and evaluation, etc.)

Audience: post college singles, couples, families with young children
Audience: open
CONNECTIONS/ENGAGEMENT: Initiatives that enable community members to make connections to each other, Jewish organizations and Jewish life in Greater Washington.
JEWISH WISDOM & AWARENESS: Initiatives that enhance one’s knowledge and understanding
of Jewish culture and community igniting curiosity, deepening comprehension and affording them opportunities to live more meaningful Jewish lives.
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Initiatives that strengthen the skills of community members either currently in leadership roles or those identified as potential leaders for the future.
INFORMATION SHARING: Initiatives that enable more open, accessible information sharing among and between community organizations and community members.
SOCIAL JUSTICE/ACTIVISM: Initiatives that promote
individuals in the community to give back, get involved and join together as a force for good.
MULTI-IDENTITY: Initiatives that encourage the involvement of multi-identity individuals enhancing opportunities for them to live meaningful Jewish lives in Greater Washington


Application available online at

Each organization will be asked to provide a brief 3 minute presentation on the submission between February 18th – March 4th. Please contact us for additional information.

Applying organizations will have an opportunity to amend their proposals if needed following the presentations.

Granted proposals/organizations will be notified in writing (via email) by June 28, 2019. Funds will be available late summer.


We strongly encourage applying organizations to speak with a Federation staff member before filling out your proposal. These conversations will ensure that your intended proposal is compliant with the RFP criteria.

NEXT GEN ENGAGEMENT Diane Cutler Green at 301-230-7285 or

NoVA Lexi Bock Robbins at 301-230-7241 or