Congregational Shlichim Reflections: Ayelet Levi

By: Ayelet Levi

Ayelet Levi is finishing her second year of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington’s Congregational Shlichim Program, working at both Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation and MoEd. 

Ayelet playing with two students.

Before I came to DC, I never thought about how my workplace could have such a significant impact on my life. I quickly learned that being a shlicha (emissary) is more than a full-time job, it’s an all-time job. Being a shlicha requires thinking constantly about how you can be as creative and interesting as possible in your community, both personally and professionally.

Being a shlicha is: returning home after work and immediately starting the work for new projects, preparing and making sure the lesson you are teaching tomorrow will be the best it can be, and of course- finding ways to reach my goals and bring Israel to the community.

It is truly hard to describe in words, especially in a different language, what this experience meant to me. I’m so grateful be returning to Israel with a plethora of knowledge learned here: about Judaism, education, Israel-US relationship, the Jewish communities in the US and about myself.

Most importantly, I need to acknowledge the people who surrounded me during this experience. I want to say a huge thank you to all those who accompanied me throughout these two years – to the wonderful communities in MoEd and Adat Shalom, to my wonderful staff members, and to the wonderful delegation of my fellow congregational shlichim.

This reflection is part of an end-of-year reflection series by The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington’s Congregational Shlichim.