Federation’s Israel Pitch Event 2022

Guided by the goals of strengthening Israel and strengthening Greater Washington’s relationship with Israel, Federation convened an Israel Task Force to define our overarching Israel strategy. Together, this group of community members, a diverse set of community organizations and synagogues, and Federation lay leadership defined three priority areas to achieve our goals: creating immersive experiences, fostering dialogue, and encouraging innovation.

In exploring these priorities, above and beyond our relationship with our core partners, Federation’s Strategic Planning & Allocations (SP&A) Committee has worked for several months to bring this vision to life, diligently researching potential new partners and program ideas. The following 33 proposals for consideration are the result of this process.

How it works:
To take notes on the videos, download the Workbook PDF. You can make notes in the fillable field or print the workbook to make handwritten notes. Keep your notes for reference during the Israel Pitch Events on March 1st and 2nd, where you will watch live interviews with the organizations about their proposed projects. The Workbook is organized in the same order as the listing of videos below and the order in which the interviews will be conducted at the event in March. NOTE: If you choose to make notes directly into the PDF, remember to save the PDF to your computer to save your notes.

Next to each video you will find the name of the organization, the name and description of the proposed project, and a link to a form to submit questions for the different organizations. Once you submit your questions, you will receive a confirmation with your questions for your records.

If you have any questions about the process or the forms, please contact Linda Kraner at [email protected].

Proposals for Consideration

Tuesday, March 1st | 8:15 AM – 10:15 AM ET

Aguda (LGBTQ+) (PITCH A)
Pride in the Living Room

Pride in the Living Room is one of Aguda’s most influential projects. It was brought to life after the terrible attacks against the Israeli LGBTQ community, including the deadly shooting at the TLV Gay Youth Center and the fatal stabbing of 16-year-old Shira Banki at the Jerusalem Pride parade. As part of this project, in the first week of August on the same day when Shira Banki was murdered, Aguda conducts “Pride in the Living Room” gatherings across the country, bringing together LGBTQ speakers and non-LGBTQ audience members for open discussions about personal life challenges, tolerance, equality, and shared society. The gatherings are held in large liberal Israeli cities and smaller traditional communities in the periphery, including Israeli-Arab communities where LGBTQ people are highly stigmatized and condemned for religious and cultural reasons.

Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) (PITCH B)

AlumHub is a program that brings together alumni coordinators from shared society and cross-border peacebuilding organizations across Israel to learn from each other’s best practices, maximize resources, and conduct joint programming to professionalize existing alumni engagement. AlumHub acts as a force multiplier, targeting alumni coordinators who will then apply the tools and best practices learned through the program within their organizations, offering alumni the skills and opportunities to be peacebuilders throughout their lifetimes. Moving forward, AlumHub will work with the alumni coordinators to develop platforms that address their communities’ needs, while priming their young alumni to be stewards of dialogue and change in their societies. Coordinators will meet monthly to network, learn from, and share each other’s experiences. Additionally, they and their alumni will participate in an annual conference, the largest convening of the community, to instigate conversations to generate momentum toward social and political transformation inside both Israeli and Palestinian societies.

Amal Tikva (PITCH C)
Amal-Tikva Leadership Institute

Amal Tikva Leadership Institute (ATLI) is the first ever professional development program for innovative peacebuilding for Israeli, Palestinian, and Northern Irish activists. The four-month joint program of Amal-Tikva (Jerusalem) and ReThinking Conflict (Belfast) includes 12 virtual trainings, one overnight seminar, and a 10-day trip to Northern Ireland, Israel and Palestine. After three decades of people-to-people programs, we know as peace activists that dialogue alone will not bring about peace. Peacebuilding efforts need strategic, innovative, and collaborative leadership, and ATLI aims to provide that by: (1) Equipping activists with the knowledge and skills needed to make a real impact; (2) Building cohorts of peer Israeli and Palestinian leaders who will support one another over the long term, and (3) Introducing innovative approaches to social change from a peacebuilding perspective.

Appleseeds (PITCH D)
[email protected] Youth Technology Program – Fostering Dialogue in Mixed Cities

[email protected] Youth Technology Movement, founded in 2003, creates social mobility for disadvantaged youth living in the socioeconomic and geographic periphery by instilling technological excellence and leadership skills for children in 5th-12th grade. [email protected] is the only youth movement in Israel that integrates students from all religions and communities, with 50% of [email protected] students coming from Arab society. The program has 18 chapters across Israel—in Jewish, Arab, and mixed localities—serving 1,800 students every year. The Fostering Dialogue Program will allow us to make a greater impact by connecting [email protected] students from mixed cities in shared life activities and dialogue. Additionally, the students will use their newly gained technological knowledge to lead new initiatives in the community in mixed groups, promoting tolerance and trust on the societal level. This will create a model that we can scale in all chapters in mixed cities.

Berl Katzenelson Center (PITCH E)
Young Change-makers Advance an Equal and Inclusive Vision in Israeli Society’s Spheres of Influence

Leading the way, TOGETHER: Young Change-makers Advance an Equal and Inclusive Vision in Israeli Society’s Spheres of Influence will facilitate dialogue amongst diverse groups of graduates of BKC’s various leadership tracks and join an impactful national network, in advancement of an equal, just, and inclusive vision for Israel. The program will focus on young, up-and-coming changemakers who are likely to pursue influential roles in central arenas of Israeli society—IDF, public/civil service, local and municipal governments. The program will be comprised of three main activity clusters: (1) Action-driven leadership development along major tracks of influence—municipal, civil and public sector; (2) Dialogue-driven national network of young changemakers from diverse backgrounds (Haredi, Druze, LGBTQ, Kibbutzim, peripheral university students, etc.) where they exchange experiences, expertise, content, and opportunities; (3) Policy-driven outreach that complements the work of the network, re-positioning issues of national importance from the perspective of young Israelis across the spectrum of society, such as employment, work-life balance, and education.

Dror Israel (HaNoar HaOved v’HaLomed) (PITCH F)
HAMSA: Grassroots Collaboration between Israeli & Moroccan Youth Movements

In light of the Abraham Accords, the youth movement is now seeking to take the opportunity to expand dialogue between youth throughout the Middle East. Through a new program, HAMSA: Grassroots Collaboration between Israeli & Moroccan Youth Movements, and with assistance from the Israeli Ministry of Regional Cooperation, we have connected with an organization in Morocco called Mimouna, a non-profit cultural association founded in 2007 by young Muslim students interested in promoting and preserving the Moroccan Jewish heritage. This unique and groundbreaking partnership has already received support from the Ministry of Regional Cooperation and the Israeli Embassy in Morocco, and through this work, we look to further connect Israeli and Moroccan youth and through dialogue and shared experiences, understand each other’s lives and adversities, and work to dream together and building a better Middle East for all its diverse residents.

EcoOcean (PITCH G)
Environmental Impacts Know No Boundaries

The problem: Israel and the Mediterranean/Middle East region suffer from decades of unresolved coastal and marine cross-border pollution. Furthermore, the Mediterranean Sea is identified as a hotspot for radical climate change events which Israel and its neighboring countries will need to combat in the next decade. In addition, our region suffers from geo-political tensions that have a direct negative impact on the ability to problem solve the environmental challenges we all face in the region.

Our proposal: Establish a model for a long-term international Marine/Coastal Environmental Workshops for Graduate Students in the fields of marine sciences and climate change. The aim is to create scientific partnerships that will tackle environmental challenges and strengthens the ability of the young generation of scientists in Israel and the region to combat these problems together and become leaders and role models for such partnerships.

ENTER: The Jewish Peoplehood Alliance (PITCH H)

One2One is an innovative educational exchange between Jewish high schoolers in Israel and the Diaspora launched in 2021. In partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Education, this initiative brings the “mifgash” experience online. Through a series of individualized, scripted encounters, spread out over several weeks, teens from Israel and English-speaking Diaspora communities have an opportunity to explore “big ideas” like Jewish peoplehood, human rights, and “arvut hadadit” (mutual responsibility), while also discussing shared interests and engaging in cross-cultural dialogue. Over 600 teens participated in the pilot year and, this year, in partnership with RootOne, thousands of teens from Israel and North America will take part in the program. The proposed program offers to expand the existing format and include an additional 250 Day School teens from the DC area who are not eligible for RootOne vouchers to take part in their own individualized encounters to meet Israeli teens.

Hagar Jewish Arab Education (PITCH I)
The Center for Shared Culture in the Negev: Building a New Paradigm

The Center for Shared Culture—Thaqafat—is a multigenerational effort to create a new paradigm of shared culture for Jews and Arabs in the Negev. The program has two strategic goals: (1) to create opportunities for Arabs and Jews to share cultural experiences and informal education; and (2) to make Arab culture accessible for Jews in the Negev, while highlighting the common cultural roots both peoples share. The result will be a dramatic expansion of shared space for multicultural dialogue. The program will draw on the experience and social capital accrued by the Hagar Association’s dynamic Arab Jewish educational community over the course of 15 years, in partnership with municipalities and other organizations. Programming will be informed by empirical data derived from a professional survey of cultural preferences of residents of the region. A pilot program is currently underway to determine the most effective areas of intervention.

Hand in Hand (PITCH J)
Dialogue-Based Student Communities

Dialogue-Based Student Communities uses HIH’s expertise in facilitating Jewish-Arab dialogue to provide a select group of Jewish and Arab young adults learning at Israeli universities with the framework, guidance, and tools to engage in meaningful dialogue, create a shared community, and undertake social action initiatives advancing equality and shared society. Dialogue-Based Student Communities consists of more than 180 dialogue, learning, training, and volunteering hours over the course of the academic year. Through this program, participants will: evolve past stereotypes and alienation; deepen their capacities to engage positively with one another; develop greater mutual understanding and connection; acquire a greater sense of social responsibility, purpose, and belonging; and develop skills equipping them to engage in and initiate grassroots social change. In order to assist them in participating fully in the program, participants live close to one another in shared apartments during the year and receive an annual stipend towards accommodation expenses.

Hinam (PITCH K)
The Hinam Center in Abu-Ghosh

After three years of activity, we established the Center for Tolerance in the village of Abu Ghosh, which serves as another platform for diverse groups to get to know each other, around and through joint learning. The Beit Midrash of the Center presents a unique approach: every person, from any identity, is invited to study in it and even to teach. Through studying together connections and acquaintance between different people are formed, which contributes to the struggle against the social polarization in which Israeli society finds itself. Although the texts considered at the Beit Midrash are based on the origins of Judaism, the cohort of participants is positive and empathetic to the other, even if non- Jewish, thus presenting an open and pluralistic Jewish approach to questions concerning Jewish and non-Jewish relations. The Center won the Unity Award from the President of Israel two years ago.

Jerusalem Season of Culture (PITCH L)
Feel Beit Winter

Situated between East and West Jerusalem, Feel Beit is the JSOC culture house and community incubator, run by a team representing all of Jerusalem’s religious and ethnic communities. FeelBeit has already become a year-round hangout for a growing ecosystem of artists and audiences aspiring to shared society. During the cold winter months, our performance venue, club, and bar are transformed into a magical “Art of Meeting” hub featuring musical events, intellectual and creative salons, open mic nights, and culinary experiences. Creating an atmosphere of respect, acceptance, and creativity conducive to dialogue, facilitated by art and culture, is in itself an art form. The intentionality of the guest lists, content, and take-aways of these curated evenings—some of which are targeted to the linguistic and cultural needs of particular groups, while others are designed to appeal to a wider audience—make them both intimate and super creative.

Keren Grinspoon Israel (KGI) (PITCH M)
Strengthening the Eco-System of Israeli Arab Talent for Children’s Books

KGI is inviting The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington to partner with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation in developing an eco-system—a growing network and community of Arab authors, illustrators, graphic artists, and other relevant professionals in Israel—who can contribute to the world of quality children’s literature in Arabic. In order to identify and cultivate new and potential local talent, KGI proposes to conduct a series of professional retreats and workshops for authors, illustrators, graphic artists, editors, and translators designed to enrich their skill sets in producing quality children’s books. The proposed undertaking will enable program participants to learn and reflect, meet with esteemed authors, editors, practitioners, and critics in the field of children’s literature, thus cultivating an ecosystem of like-minded and diverse professionals with the aim of producing children’s books based on the local vernacular, nuanced culture, and children’s experiences. A community that will ultimately nurture itself.

Lotus (Portland Trust) (PITCH N)

Lotus is an NGO established to address the lack of quality employment opportunities for young orthodox Druze women who are not allowed to drive or work outside the village or in a mixed-gender environment due to tradition and religious practice. Lotus is run by a unique model that enables quality remote employment modeled to fit the Israeli hi-tech industry. The women take part in a thorough Bootcamp training to be hired by leading firms while working from the Hub in the village, (we currently have 54 developers). This year, the NGO is expanding the areas and scope of activities to include four cycles per year. We will establish an additional Hub in the Galilee. We require your support to train an additional 80 women and help to create a new Hub in the Galilee to allow more women to integrate and overcome religious and gender barriers.

PeacePlayers Middle East (PITCH O)
PeacePlayers Rising Stars

The Rising Stars project will scale PeacePlayers Middle East’s impact by strategically introducing the organization’s basketball and peace education programs proven to positively transform attitudes and build friendships between Jews and Arabs in new communities across Israel. Forty exceptional leader-athletes, ages 13 to 18, will be recruited from around the country to take part in the project’s three-year intensive training program designed to foster cross-community dialogue and enhance their leadership and athletic skills. Over the course of the first year of the project, participants will take part in a series of 12 day-long workshops, three overnight retreats, and ongoing hands-on training. At the culmination of the project, participants will have gained the skills and tools necessary to replicate the program in their own communities, scaling PeacePlayers Middle East’s successful programming to untapped communities.

Pnima Israel (PITCH P)
The Service Channels Plan: From Recruitment Crisis to Service Renewal

As part of Service for All, the proposed project presents an innovative model for developing a shared Israeli ethos based on uniformity of service and a real opportunity for mobility, self-development and a pan-Israeli sense of belonging, building both a particular and a group identity alongside engagement in meaningful social endeavors. As an alternate to military service, this program engages young Israelis in a health care related mechina (service program) to both train them for future employment and imbue a sense of purpose and belonging to those who are not set to serve in the IDF. In the last two years, in light of the COVID challenge, health care training has proven to be an area in which diverse populations can operate together in a field with a growing need.

Road to Recovery (PITCH Q)
Respite for Gravely Ill Palestinian Children Treated in Israeli Hospitals

In addition to driving Palestinian patients, RtR organizes joint activities with patients, patients’ families and volunteers. These activities provide valuable opportunities for positive interactions between Israelis and Palestinians, facilitating dialogue in a positive atmosphere that promote cross-border relationships based on mutual respect. Of particular concern are the pediatric patients we drive. These children all have serious, life-threatening ailments. Due to the ravages of disease and the poor economic status of their families, they lack opportunities for leisure, play, and respite activities that are available to their healthy peers. RtR organizes recreational and rehabilitation activities to alleviate some of the pain and potential psychological effects of illness and long-term hospitalization. The proposed project involves two respite days (240 children each) in a recreational park with a pool for Palestinian pediatric patients and their siblings. Fun activities will be organized, and meals will be provided.

Tech2Peace (PITCH R)
A Lasting Community of Arab and Jewish High-Tech Activists

Tech2Peace seminars are effective in building relationships, understanding, and professional skills and opportunities among participants. But the effect of one-off programs’ fade as participants return to their lives. Thus, Tech2Peace aims to maintain and expand the seminar results through alumni engagement. Tech2Peace held 45 alumni activities in 2021 (mostly alumni-led), with 74% of 300 alumni attending at least one activity, and 80% of alumni feeling a sense of belonging to the community. We now aim to deepen our program in 2022. We will: hold monthly, four-hour meetings, blending high-tech and entrepreneurial training with dialogue, social activities, and professional development sessions; expand our professional mentorship program, piloted with McKinsey & Co; strengthen our local communities in mixed cities, which will meet monthly; create an accelerator for alumni initiatives that demonstrate positive cooperation, including micro-grants and logistical support; and, hold two hackathons allowing alumni to practice their skills and demonstrate positive shared work.

Tikkun – A Center for Gathering, Education and Social Change (PITCH S)
Bustan – A Shared Community Building a Shared City

Bustan was set up in 2018 by a group of Jewish and Arab residents of Nof Hagalil. It is a grassroots initiative that started out of the will to transform Nof Hagalil from a city where Jewish and Arab residents live side by side with tension and alienation into a truly shared city—a city in which positive daily interactions between Jews and Arabs of the various communities occur; a city whose residents share feelings of pride, belonging, and wellbeing; and city whose material and cultural resources are distributed fairly. At the center of Bustan’s activity is an urban community network, in the framework of which we focus on developing shared civil leadership, introducing multiple occasions for encounters and dialogue, proliferating positive discourse regarding shared society, and taking action against racist incidents.

Wednesday, March 2nd | 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM ET

Arava Institute (PITCH T)
Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

Arava Institute seeks an innovation grant for a new project that will create immersive experiences and foster dialogue, using a shared commitment to the environment as a lens through which American Jews can build a relationship with Israel and their Israeli Jewish and Arab peers. Israeli Jews and Arabs and American Jews will participate in a nine-month program to learn the skills of dialogue and explore questions of identity, ideology, and coexistence. And then, a group of Israeli Jewish and Arab participants will travel to Washington DC for a week-long immersive experience with their American peers. As a follow-up to the exchange, we will also establish a series of events (virtual and in-person) involving Institute alumni, faculty, and leadership who will visit the DC community and continue to build relationships with the cohort. Additional funding will allow us to welcome the DC cohort to the Arava Institute.

Encounter (PITCH U)
Encountering: NextGen Leadership Initiative Pilot

Encountering: NextGen Leadership Initiative Pilot is an opportunity for a select cadre of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington future next gen leaders to join a cohort-based program equipping them with the multi-vocal and multifocal leadership education to face the unique challenges posed by 21st century Jewish sovereignty. Forming a DC-based micro peer leadership community, this cohort will both enjoy a specialized arc of in-person and online learning opportunities, as well as gain membership into Encounter’s national network of Executive Leaders. This DC cohort will participate in Encounter’s signature Intensive Leadership Seminar in Israel, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem, and an additional immersive day of leadership learning designed for this cohort. Through this pilot, Encounter will provide a proof of concept for an essential and too-oft missing piece of Jewish leadership education for those who care deeply about Israel, the flourishing of the Jewish people, and the future relationship between the two.

Eretz Ir (PITCH V)
Pnima Responsible Tourism

Pnima is a social community-based tourism initiative of Eretz-Ir. Our goal is to create opportunities for Israelis and visitors from abroad to experience and connect to social activism and social entrepreneurship across Israel. We aim to deepen people’s understanding of societal issues in Israel and have them meet with grassroots activists addressing those issues in creative ways. The proposed program will expand Pnima’s reach into different cities across the country and, therefore, expose more people to nuanced and inspirational dialogue about Israel with Israelis. We propose to work with 15 social entrepreneurs in Jerusalem and create and market a tourism experience in social entrepreneurship, as well as a model in Mitzpe Ramon with local community organizers and entrepreneurs. The uniqueness of the program is that following the initial investment, the program will stand on its own to create an independent income-generating stream for the initiatives.

Jewish Agency for Israel (PITCH W)
Project TEN – Harduf

Project TEN at Kibbutz Harduf is an immersive experience for Jewish young adults from around the world that focuses on social-educational projects that promote encounters among people of different identities, empower underprivileged communities, and create equality of opportunity via projects such as teaching English and life skills at three elementary schools in the Arab and/or Bedouin villages of Ka’abiya and Zarzir, and in Shfaram, an Arab city with Muslim, Christian, Druze, and Bedouin minorities. Volunteers focus on furthering the unique Jewish-Arab coexistence in the region, working with both local Jewish and Arab populations and organizing after-school activities at the local schools in the surrounding communities. In addition to this service work, volunteers work on self-development, education, and group bonding, including learning Arabic and Hebrew.

Masa Israel Journey (PITCH X)
Masa Career & Connect

Every year, more than 2,500 Masa fellows come to Israel for a career development experience by learning a new profession or interning with a cutting-edge Israeli company. Through mentoring by an experienced manager, they learn trends and insights to have a better understanding of their field and help them design a successful career after their Masa journey. Upon the fellows’ return to their home countries, post Masa programming connects Masa alumni to one another and their community institutions. We take their experience in Israel through Masa and Career Pro and continue with additional programming, accompanying, and mentoring them in North America.

Onward Israel (PITCH Y)
Onward Israel: Engaging Washington Young Adults with Israel

Onward Israel is looking to expand the engagement of young adults from Greater Washington through a new concept in immersive, meaningful Israel experience programs that integrates remote and in-person components, through the Career Passport and Career Passport for Young Jewish Professionals programs. In addition, we look to hire a part-time local Onward Israel coordinator to recruit for these programs and for the existing Onward Summer Internship program. Career Passport provides a framework for young adults to come to Israel for a month-long immersive living experience while continuing to work remotely for their employers. This program has great potential to engage young adults (half of Birthright participants are post-college). Career Passport for Young Jewish Professionals focuses on young adults working for Jewish communal organizations and offers a way to engage them in an immersive Israel experience while strengthening their ability to engage others with Israel upon their return. Onward will work with The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington on applicable travel dates and educational program content.

Or HaLev (PITCH Z)
Immersing Together through Jewish Mindfulness

Or HaLev will hold two immersive multi-day Jewish spirituality and meditation retreats—in the DC area and in Israel—supplemented by ongoing programming and opportunities for connection and relationship development. Americans and Israelis will join together post retreat, having completed parallel transformative experiences. The groups will connect with others who share their passion and this common deep immersive experience. This innovative program will use Jewish meditation and spirituality to connect Americans and Israelis across differences. An experienced teacher and facilitator will bring the group together in a series of six gatherings over three months. Additionally, carefully crafted chevrutah/pairs will meet in the intervening weeks to reflect and build individual relationships between American and Israeli counterparts. At the end of this intensive experience, we will celebrate with a siyyum to mark the occasion.

Tarbut (PITCH AA)
Fresh Paint: Inspirational Internship in Israel for Jewish Young Adults

Fresh Paint, new internship program initiated by the Tarbut Movement, will provide an exciting opportunity for young Jewish adults to gain a hands-on, educational, and inspirational experience of the social landscape of Israel. Fresh Paint will offer a variety of internships, both short and long-term, and will involve taking on roles in the Tarbut national organization, its urban communities, and grassroots projects. Through these experiences, participants will be offered insight into a unique collectively run Israeli organization specializing in producing socially-conscious, issue-driven artistic and cultural projects addressing critical needs at the heart of Israeli society today. Fresh Paint will be grounded in the organizational and educational frameworks Tarbut has established since 2005, and the experience of deeply engaging over 1,500 young volunteers and activists throughout these years. This is an essential next step in our work, and we are thrilled to utilize our resources towards building this new bridge together.

Tozeret Ha’aretz (PITCH BB)
Shevet Achihm

Shevet Achim will bring together the members of the different tribes: secular Jews, ultra-orthodox Jews, modern orthodox Jews and Israeli Arabs to sit together around the tribal fire and engage in constructed dialogue around the challenges and dilemmas of the Israeli society today. We believe that Israeli society will not be able to face its challenges as a democratic society without recognizing our internal diversity and each tribe’s unique stand and values. Our vision in Tozeret is to create an equal and unified Israeli society and build bridges between the different tribes by creating dialogue, and an ongoing way of addressing the challenges and dilemmas we face together, and finding our common ground, mutual values and identifying the center that we can all stand around and support.

Wednesday, March 2nd | 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM ET

EcoPeace Middle East Environmental NGO Forum (PITCH CC)
Good Water Neighbors: Water Diplomacy

Good Water Neighbors: Water Diplomacy is a unique program developed by EcoPeace Middle East that creates awareness among young Israelis about their water realities and provides them with the tools to take action to protect their future water security. Program participants are given the knowledge and skills needed to become agents of change in the protection of shared water resources and create regional connections and networks that enable them to work collaboratively to advance water-related solutions.

Joint Distribution Committee (PITCH DD)
JDC’s Center for Social Innovation – Accelerator Program

JDC’s Center for Social Innovation—Hackaveret—is a center of open innovation where Israel’s most pressing social challenges are addressed, and innovative ideas can become reality. Hackaveret offers established social entrepreneurs and members of disadvantaged populations the tools, connections, and know-how to help them create innovative solutions for the challenges in their communities. The Accelerator Program is a niche track offering intensive training to help select entrepreneurs whose ventures have strong potential to bring their ventures to the next level. Some ventures may adopt a social business model, some become non-profit services, and some may partner with the government. JDC offers them training, resources, and grants; and connections to NGO’s, government programs, or socially oriented businesses that can scale these ideas to achieve national impact.

Shaharit (PITCH EE)
Nurturing a Reflective Israeli Leadership for Living Together

Israel has become aware of its dazzling cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity. However, without a roadmap for living together well, this diversity can tear the country apart. There is a prevalence of initiatives that bring people together, but little is done to articulate what living well together means. Good intentions alone lack the depth to achieve a future that works well enough for all. The year-long program, leaning on Shaharit’s vast experience as intellectual leaders for the past decade, will recruit 20 emerging leaders from the breadth of Israel’s diversity to explore the challenges of living together and envisioning a shared future. Through bi-weekly meetings with academics and thought leaders, along with study trips throughout Israel and potentially abroad, the participants will deepen their visions of Israel as individuals and as a growing community of leaders for the common good.

Tech Careers (PITCH FF)
Technology Training for Ethiopian Israeli Women

Based on our comprehensive model, Tech-Career’s Salesforce Implementers Program for Women provides professional training and acquaints students with the demanding work environment and culture of Israel’s tech industries, ensuring that they attain jobs. Salesforce is a CRM service that companies may tailor according to their specific needs. As experts in the platform and its adaptation, implementers are in high demand, while the required skills may be acquired in a relatively short time period. The five-month program includes lectures, tutorials, guest speakers, industry projects, and ongoing support. Participants live at home and studies take place at the Tech-Career campus in Lod and via Zoom. Additional program components: financial assistance to ensure participation of sole wage earners, laptops, career preparation and enrichment (e.g., CV writing, job interview simulations), visits to high-tech companies, mentoring by experienced professionals, and intensive placement activities during and after the course to ensure graduates begin working in the field.

Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) (PITCH GG)
[email protected] DC Hub

The goal of this program is to build a Washington DC [email protected] university hub with three universities (Georgetown, George Washington and Gallaudet) and with three universities in Israel. TOM identifies universities as an ideal ecosystem for human innovation: students are eager to use their skills and talents on behalf of others; faculty see TOM as a complement to theoretical learning with hands-on, experiential learning; underutilized campus innovation labs and Makerspaces; administration’s long-standing commitment to the local community and target population. Together teams will work together to solve identified needs of individuals and communities through teamwork and innovation. Through our global network of communities, TOM incorporates Tikkun Olam, authentic connection, and appreciation for Israel and Judaism in an impactful way. TOM undertakes a serious process to identify and onboard student leaders who are dedicated to creating social impact on campus while also creating a meaningful connection with Israel and the rest of the world. The launch of the DC Hub would take place in spring/summer 2022 for the 2022-23 academic term.