Thanks for Doing Good with Federation!


Thanks for Doing Good with Federation!

Federation partnered with PJ Library® to create Doing Good Guides that provides a way for adults to discuss Jewish values with kids, engage in hands-on activities and reflect on the experience as a family. Each guide focuses on a specific Jewish value to help your child understand the purpose and impact of this value in Jewish life.

How to make a Mensch (a good or honorable person):

Whether your child grows up to be a doctor, teacher or chef, the profession they choose is shaped by their interests and talents. The kind of individual they grow up to be, however, is formed by the lessons and experiences we instill as parents. The Jewish Federation understands the importance that practicing Jewish values and good deeds has on a child’s development. Engaging in volunteerism at a young age leads to more empathetic, compassionate adults—the Yiddish word for this is mensch.

  • Introduction to the Jewish value
  • Framing questions
  • Hands-on activity instructions
  • Post-activity discussion questions
  • Everyday ways to apply this Jewish value
  • All PJ Library Doing Good Guides include a list of PJ Library and PJ Our Way books related to the value


Bringing Comfort to the Sick 
Bikur Cholim

Practicing this Jewish value by visiting someone who is ill can benefit both the visitor and the sick. Bikur cholim is considered in Judaism to help provide physical or emotional support. This value, which helps in the development of empathy, is relatable to children—they can imagine what it is like to have been sick and can often remember what (or who) helped them feel better.
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Providing Food for All
Hazan et Hakol

Practicing this Jewish value by preparing or collecting food and donating it helps teach about food equity. In the grace after meals, we aspire to the divine goal of Hazan et Hakol, providing food for all.
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Questions? Contact Sarah Rabin Spira at [email protected] or 301-230-7243.