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Benefits of Starting a Fund

You can perpetuate your legacy to the Jewish community by creating an endowment through the United Jewish Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund is the endowment and planned giving arm of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington. It provides an opportunity to establish a legacy that will shape and improve Jewish life for generations. The Endowment Fund allows our community to maintain a permanent, self-sustaining source of income to support existing programs of the Federation and to develop new approaches to address emerging needs here and overseas.

For more information about the Endowment Fund or any of the options below, contact Beth Goldstein (301) 230-7228.

A Legacy Lives Forever
The Annual Campaign of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington is our community’s collective expression of compassion for others and concern for the vitality of our people. Your legacy gift is a commitment that lives beyond your lifetime. Your charitable gift to the United Jewish Endowment Fund is professionally and securely invested, along with hundreds of others, to guarantee future resources for the Jewish people in our community, Israel and abroad. Returns on your investment will save Jewish lives and Jewish life into the next century and beyond.

By committing to sustain your values forward into that future. It says that for as long as there are Jews who need help, part of you will be there to give that help.

A Legacy Builds Community
Your charitable gift to the United Jewish Endowment Fund will secure the future of your local community, the Jewish education of our children, the health and well-being of our aging population, and the traditional Jewish values that have helped build a strong and caring community for your family.

A Legacy Protects Israel
Your lifelong support helped turn the dream of Israel into a reality. Yet, today, even though Israel is strong, there are many challenges to overcome. Your charitable gift to the United Jewish Endowment Fund helps ensure The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington will be able to continue to meet these challenges and continue to build the Israel/Diaspora partnerships that will enhance and secure the future of all Jews, wherever they live.