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Youth Futures - Afula

Youth Futures provides at-risk Israeli children with comprehensive, tailored programs, interventions, and community resources.  Youth Futures helps children realize this potential, set goals and achieve them.  Our Federation is improving the lives of over 150 children-at-risk in Afula (northern Israel).  Watch the video below to learn more.


“When the school secretary took me to Uri’s class for the first time, his teacher came out to speak with me. “Uri (not his real name) has been sitting in English classes for close to three years. He doesn’t know anything. He cannot tell an A from a B. He also took his Ritalin late this morning, so be prepared for anything.”

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There are many success stories from this program. One in particular is Liat’s story:

Liat is a 14 year old girl who lives in Afula. She joined "Youth Futures" four years ago, when she was in the 5th grade. She was a very quiet child with low self esteem, low scholastic achievements, and a difficult family situation, which entailed both emotional and social difficulties.

She lives with her mother in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Upper Afula. The building they live in is neglected, and there are drug dealers in her neighborhood. Liat's father had a stroke recently, and he is currently recovering at a rehabilitation center. Liat went through a difficult period while her father was sick.

Over the years she was in Youth Futures, Liat developed wonderfully. She strengthened her self confidence through the ongoing support and guidance by her Trustee, and took part in various extracurricular activities. Through the special bond she developed with her Trustee, the significant adult in her life, she started believing in herself and in the world. Today she believes she can and will succeed. She has also dramatically improved her achievements at school, and she now studies in a class for outstanding students.

"Today I'm in the 8th grade in Junior High School, I know my potential and I'm motivated to succeed. I aim to reach as high as I can."

Youth Futures Afula

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