Imagine Israel Podcast

Imagine Israel Podcast

Federation’s Imagine Israel Podcast directly connects you to a modern, relatable Israel in real-time through stories from innovative Israeli influencers leading social change in Israel. With every episode, the show’s host, Robbie Gringras, Creative Director of Makom, facilitates thought-provoking dialogues with Israeli activists whose life, work and passions intersect in a unique way that impacts Israeli society.

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Todd Zalut, a pioneer of Israeli emergency medicine, is uniting people in Jerusalem. He believes that you care for people not illnesses.

Kaynan Rabino is the brain behind Good Deeds Day, an annual day of service that has flourished into an international phenomenon, currently reaching over 90 countries—including the Greater Washington’s own Sara & Samuel J. Lessans Good Deeds Day. Rabino explains why the simple objective to change the world and positively impact the lives of others has garnered such a following, one good deed at a time. Read the transcript.


Avner Stepak, former CEO of the second largest investment house in Israel, is revolutionizing Israel’s corporate world to include the previously overlooked disabled population in Israel’s workforce.


Visionary activist Chaya Gilboa, an expert on the issue of Israeli religious reform, shares her desire for social change in Israel. In a country where politics are religious and religion is political, Chaya strives to transform Israel’s religious judicial system by challenging the Rabbinate’s legal monopoly on religious life to create a pluralistic, egalitarian alternative.

The compelling conversation addresses the conflicts and complexities that come with the current Rabbinate (Jewish governance) jurisdiction over issues of marriage, divorce and kashrut (Jewish dietary law); and Chaya’s approach to changing the system from outside of the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament).


Host Robbie Gringras interviews co-writer and director of the LGBTQ family drama “Ima v’ Abbas” (Mother and Fathers) about the intersection of his personal family dynamic in Israel (raising a child as a gay couple with a straight, single surrogate), his work, passions and Israeli society. Click here for a transcript of episode #1.


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