Emergency Response

A rescue vehicle in Israel

Our Impact

people living in Ukraine’s conflict zone received life-sustaining services, including rental subsidies, food, clothing and post-trauma counseling.

Israelis in need of immediate psychological assistance during two months of rocket attacks received trauma support through the Israel Emergency Campaign.

Jewish schools in France will join an Emergency Alert Information network, linking them to France’s central Jewish security agency.

pounds of medical and shelter supplies were distributed to local hospitals, humanitarian groups and those in remote villages, providing life-saving support to those affected by the earthquake in Nepal.

The Story

Residents in Israel seek shelter

During Operation Protective Edge, Nitzan Tzeitlin, a high school student from Southern Israel, was one of thousands of children taken out of the line of fire and away from the thousands of rocket barrages coming out of Gaza. Nitzan joined children who went for a day of rest and recreation away from the barrage of rockets and sirens. “We spend many hours in bomb shelters,” Nitzan said. “Even a day away makes life a little easier.”

The days of respite for children from the South also provided much-needed breaks to parents, who have spent inordinate amounts of  time attempting to entertain their children in bomb shelters and whose routines have been shattered by the near-constant alarms of air-raid sirens.

“This is saving the kids,” program coordinator, Benchalem Argau, said. “They’ve been bouncing off walls; they haven’t left their homes for a week, and I see how much fun they are having here. The weight has been taken off their shoulders, at least for a little while. They are used to sirens going off all the time, so this is very calming for them. I want to thank The Jewish Federation, which made it possible for us to provide this critical opportunity for the thousands of children directly in harm’s way.”