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Taglit-Birthright Israel: Shorashim - Bus 157 - August 2011

Bus 157

Thank You by Jonathan Aflalo

Posted by: youngleadership
August 25, 2011 at 10:10 AM

Dear friends, haverim,

I would like to express my deep gratitude to all of you for allowing me to be part of our 10 days adventure.

You all allowed us to discover with great pride what has been accomplished after 2000 years of Tikva (hope). We all got to discover the inside and insights of this unique story about our history, our people, our land and our hope for a peaceful life for us and our future generation.

We learned that Herzl was one of the few that was able to organize the Jewish people. Congratulations to Deena, Josh, and Yossi, as well as Shorashim to have succeeded in organizing our wonderful trip!

This trip is a gift, or what I called a mitzvah, and for me it is not just a free 10 days trip to Israel. For me it is the greatest opportunity to experience the union of ourselves, to visit and understand to the freed holy land, the everlasting land of the Jewish people.

As it is said in Judaism, if you accept a gift from someone you owe the price of this gift to who gave it to you, and thus try to give it
back. Having Tsion, Eretz Israel, in my heart and all its values, I am willing with pride to support and help our nation and our people, by any means that I will find, today and tomorrow. I will always support and stand for Israel, not to mention this flame inside me that drives me little by little closer, mentally and physically, to the Jewish State of Israel.

Birthright and Birthright donors thank you for giving me the right to get to know my birth country, and the Jewish people birth country.

We all are the roots of the tree we built together. Bli Shorashim Zey Lo Yeleh! (Without roots it won't work)

May God bless all of you, our friends and families, the birthright donors and organizers, Tsahal, Israel, America, France and all other
people and countries helping us to live in peace. Amen.

Thank you.



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