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The Federation's Impact

The six areas identified here focus on critical needs in our local and global Jewish community. At The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington we identify, evaluate and address these priorities with unparalleled commitment, passion and sensitivity. We take seriously our responsibility to ensure that needs are met, to create a stronger, more vibrant Jewish community and to foster and strengthen our connection with Jews in Israel and around the world.

Accessible and affordable Jewish education is a critical component for building and strengthening a Jewish community.

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Expansion of services to the most vulnerable among us is essential to meet the growing needs of at-risk populations locally, in Israel and around the world.

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Unwavering support, advocacy for and education about Israel and 60 other Jewish communities around the world must be a cornerstone for our community.

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We must respond swiftly to address the immediate needs of individuals who find themselves in crisis.

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We must be a welcoming and inclusive community for all by expanding the ways in which individuals are invited and encouraged to participate in Jewish life.

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Expanding opportunities for meaningful connections to Jewish life enables members of our community a multitude of ways to build their Jewish journey.

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Between Us

A weekly message from Federation’s CEO, Steven A. Rakitt

  • Between Us: Let’s talk about communal space

    This week’s parasha, Terumah, describes in great detail the building of the first Sanctuary, the mishkon. The mishkon is a special, and sacred, space that is designed to enhance the relationship between God and the people of Israel. God instructs Moses to have the people build a Sanctuary. But why? If God is everywhere, why
  • Between Us: Let’s talk about justice

    This week’s parasha, Mishpatim (“rules”), is full of “fine print” and numerous distinctions of right from wrong, examples of how to behave and rules about making restitution and resolving disputes. For example: “If you lend money to My people, to the poor among you, do not act toward them as a creditor.” (Click Here for

News & Updates

  • #SnapforInclusion

    Celebrate Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month Join Federation this February as we use social media to show the world how inclusive Greater Washington can be. My name is Lauren Chmara and I am a junior at Bullis School.  My hobbies include dancing, tennis, water sports, traveling, theatre, and social media.  I have volunteered with
  • Let’s talk about Chanukah

    Parashat Vayeshev begins with a brief sentence: “Jacob dwelt in the land of his father’s sojournings, the land of Canaan.”

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6 critical areas of need.
59 partner agencies.
One Federation.

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Ensure that the programs you care about most remain vibrant and strong for generations to come. Leave your legacy. Contact Contact Elan Burman, Director of Planned Giving.
In times of crisis, respond to the critical needs of individuals and communities facing hardship. Be there for those in need. Contact Zach Briton, Campaign Director.

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Travel to Israel for Free

Apply NOW to experience an unforgettable, ten-day trip of a lifetime with Israeli peers and other young adults from the DC area.

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Good Deeds Day 2016

Join the Greater Washington community, along with 930,000 volunteers from around the world, in a day of service on April 10, 2016.

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